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10 Period Signs Every Lady Should Know
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EDUBRAZEE 07:39 Fri, 05 Aug 2016

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For young women with an irregular monthly period, it is very important to know how your body changes every month while expecting that monthly flow.

Sometimes, your period may come at the most annoying times, or even when you are not expecting it at all. Here are few signs to let you know that your flow is right on the way:

Acne signs on the face. Extra acne tends to pop out on the face of some women when their period is on the way.

Experts stated that the hormones levels shift from the more female oriented (like estrogen and progesterone) to the more male-oriented (like testosterone) during our cycle, oil glands go into overdrive, pores blow up, and cystic zits emerge.

Bre asts hurt a bit and are tender. Many young women may experience the symptoms of sore bre asts before their period and this usually occurs about two weeks before the period. This can range from a mild discomfort to real extreme pain.

That tummy troubles might be some period-related bloating, you could also have either diarrhea or constipation, cramps, and nausea. The bloating you get during the week or so before your period is usually caused by water retention. It is also possible that your hormonal fluctuations can cause some digestive issues including excess gas or constipation.

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White discharge. When you are about to start your period, sometimes there is a lot of white discharge that builds up very unpleasantly. The white discharge before your period is actually a form of mucus that is naturally produced from the cervix says, experts. It is usually a sure sign that your period is on its way!

Others are mood swings, headaches, food cravings, depression, backache or you might just feel more tired and achy before your period hits.

You really don’t want to get caught unprepared or unaware, do you? If you have an irregular period, look out for these signs and get prepared with your sanitary pads or emergency panty liners in your bag to avoid stained underwears.

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