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EDUBRAZEE 08:09 Sat, 06 Aug 2016

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The West African Examination Council today released the result of the 2016 May/June West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

It was learnt that a total of eight hundred and seventy eight thousand and forty (878,040) candidates, representing 52.97%, obtained credits in five (5) subjects and above, including English Language and Mathematics.

A total of 1,014,573 candidates, representing 65.70% obtained six (6) credits and above; one million one hundred sixty seven thousand four hundred and eighty four (1,167,484) candidates, representing 75.60% obtained five (5) credits and above.

One million two hundred and eighty two thousand two hundred and four (1,282,204) candidates, representing 83.03% obtained credit and above in four (4) subjects while one million three hundred and seventy thousand forty nine (1,370,049) candidates, representing 88.72% obtained credit and above in three (3) subjects.

One million four hundred and thirty eight thousand six hundred and seventy nine (1,438,679) candidates, representing 93.16% obtained credit and above in two (2) subjects.

Announcing this, Head of Nigeria National Office, Nigeria, Mr Olu Adenipekun also revealed that 137,295, representing 8.89% candidates have their results withheld.

According to him, the withheld results are in connection with various cases of examination malpractice and the result of the ongoing investigation concerning such results will be presented to the appropriate committee of the Council in due course for consideration.

a(i)- They became very poor.
(ii) - They experienced hardship.
b. They were unhappy.
c. That it was the rampant felling of trees that had affected by the rainfall pattern.
d. They were annoyed.
e. He was unable to convince the elders
f. (I) - Adjectival clause
ii) - It describes the pronoun 'they're.
g. Rhetorical question.
h. i - all around
ii - happily
iii - very poor
iv - disturbed
vi - annoyed
A.The reason why businesses collapse is because;
I. The death of the owner leads to the total collapse of the business
II. People have little knowledge on the type of business to do
II. They go into business because of selfish reasons
III. Businesses also collapse because of corruption
I.The owner should ensure that the business is well structured
II. The owner should also monitor the strength n growth of the business
III. The owner should also do a will
Pls take note we have two solutions at hand, if this one is changed, we will upload the second one and still update u.
i)The poor harvest cause hardship to the people of Ohin village.
ii)It cause them moving out of the village
The people were very happy after the rain
Nana Poku condemns the felling of the trees as a cause of the drought
The elders did not take Nana Poku's message serious
He was frustrated because the elders could not be convinced
i)It is a Noun clause
ii)It is the object of the verb "Prayed"
If the elders could not be convinced ; how would the people be able to understand him too.
i) Helter Skelter - Scattered
ii) gaily - happily
iii) destitute - poverty
iv) trouble - worried
v) rampant - common
Vi) furious - very angry
i)Many people run their business alone.
ii)Some employees are corrupted.
iii)Some people do not exclude their children in their family business.
iv)Quarrels among the survivors may also lead to a collapse
i)He should avoid running his business alone.
ii)His children should have a land in running the business.
iii)He should have a will to specify w

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Murphy d Tue 29 Aug 2017
So educative and accurate


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