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The National Examinations Council (NECO) Board 2018/2019 section is at hand, coming up latest June/July.

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6. Literature

7. Government

8. Economics

9. Commerce

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11. Agric

12. Geography

13. Accounting

14. Further Mathematics

15. Office Practice

16. Marketing

17. Data Processing

18. Insurance

19. Computer Studies

20. Civic Education

21. Animal Husbandry

22. Food and Nutrition

23. Book Keeping

24. Health Science

25. Fisheries

26. Igbo

27. Yoruba

28. Hausa

29. Physics Practical

30. Chemistry Practical

31. Biology Practical

32. Agric Practical

33. Animal Husbandry

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Question 5: How Quick would this answers come? Our source has never failed us but latest a day before the exam answers and or questions will come to you.

Question 6: How am i sure this is not a scam? No! And never! The outgoing waec candidates felt our endless answers hours before exam but since the neco is simpler is 15min once exam commence or before exam

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